Nov 6, 2021

Entry fee: $10

Draft a deck with 7 other players, then go head-to-head, throwing dice, flipping coins and assembling contraptions. This cube contains cards from every silver-border set including a few holiday promos and all of the un-sets as well as black-border support cards for the deck archetypes and playtest cards (from the mystery/convention set) and even a few cards from the Heroes of the Realms special set. This cube contains a few mechanics which carry effects into future games against the same opponents, resulting in some explosive second and third games of a match.

Prepare yourself for a crazy limited experience!

•Cube contains several limited-focused archetypes and strategies.
•Cube does NOT contain “gotcha!” or similarly annoying manual dexterity/physical motion cards (no balancing cards on your head, or playing under the table, etc).
•There are cards that interact with sealed packs, feel free to bring your own packs! Otherwise, these will come from the cube.
•Cube contains augments/hosts and contraptions from unstable as well as a handful of conspiracies.

This event will be a standard 8-person cube draft using Swiss pairings with standard 50-minute rounds.

Prize Structure

1st: 6 booster packs (2 of Unstable)
2nd: 4 booster packs (1 of Unstable + 1 random Unstable full-art basic land)
3rd: 2 booster packs (1 of Unstable) + (2 random Unstable full-art basic lands)
4th: 2 booster packs
5th-8th: 1 random Unstable full-art basic land